Yoga For Happiness and Health

This Place Combines Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy to improve our overall well being. You will learn simple yet effect techniques in each session, to greatly benefit yours and your family health. You can choose to attend the class in the studio or simply from your comfort of your home via on demand live-streaming lessons , or learn at your own pace online course (available soon).

Kids Yoga with Piano

A fun and interesting way for children to learn piano and yoga at the same time. To improve the attention span, enhance their left right brain development , boost up their immune system and holistic way to let them grow & learn.

Yoga for Beginners

Irregardless of age and health condition, Yoga is for everyone. Based on individual needs, each class will be customised accordingly. Simple movement and technique, yet effective. Each lesson will cover breathing technique, poses, and mindfulness practice.

Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Baby inside us can feel everything we do and think, yoga helps to calm our body and mind down, to have better connection with our child, sending more Oxygen to the baby within us. It also allows for smoother natural birth delivery. 

After baby is born, let yourself have a great rest and recharge with postnatal yoga, the pregancy hormone will be discharged off easily as well. 

Elderly Yoga

Our seniors have worked for all these years to support us, its time to let time spend some quality time for themselves. Elderly Yoga is specially cater to strengthen their muscle & bone, improve on blood circulation, stability, nervous system etc. Getting up and down the mat may be a challenge, poses will be improvised with chair yoga. 

Yoga Therapy

Yoga not only can help us in backache, shoulder and neck stiffness, but also in the physiological aspect, such as improve in heart condition, boost up immune system, enhance qi & blood circulation, hypo/hyper theroid, diabetic, irregularity of blood pressure etc. It is also ideal for depression , ADHD and other conditions.  Click on to learn more & book your 1st consultation session.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Let our brain wave slow down. Mindfulness/ Meditative practice is very important in our day to day live. Changes seem to be the only constant. While we cant change the external environment, we can choose how we response to it. 


Benefit of Yoga

Yoga started more than 5000 years ago, just like Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has very long and enriched history, being passed down generation to generation till now.  Yoga can ~ 

Re-Energize : Simple Sun Salutation every morning will energize ourselves and prepare us for each day well

Strength: Muscle will be strengthen throughout yoga practice, well prevent us from backache,neck pain, shoulder stiffness etc

Stress Relief: Its hard to have a day stress free. Frequent practice of yoga help us to manage stress better

Relax & Refresh : Correct breathing techniques can help us to stay calm and chill throughout the day

Beauty : Good health is the best beauty of our body. With frequent practice, we will shine with radiance

Mind & Soul: Short mindfulness practice daily let us be more aware of our emotion, allowing us to make better decision with clearer mind

 Lets come and experience the benefits ourselves ! 

About the Yoga Teacher

Melody Wu is a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher who have begun her yoga journey since 2008. After years of practicing at different studios, she wanted to find the real essence of yoga, what’s behind all the yoga poses. In 2016, upon completing the 200 hours Ashtanga teacher training course, she realized the importance of yoga not only in the physical level, but for the mind especially. She moved on to further develop her knowledge and skill through Pre/ Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training course, Kids Yoga Teacher Training course as well as the 300 hours Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course.

She has been sharing yoga in school as well as in the community since then. 

Beside Yoga, she loves nature and passionate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda. Melody believes that our body has its unique healing power. Through tapping with what we already have through yoga, TCM and Ayurveda, our body will heal by itself magically.

It has been her wish to share with others on the benefit of yoga and natural healing, so that we could all gain the benefit of yoga physically, mentally and spiritually. 

She is well versed in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Come and meet her at the mat or in the live streaming, even through online course at the your own time and pace (coming up soon!). 

What Others Have to Say

“Enjoyed the personalize one to one prenatal yoga lesson as some of the poses were challenging but Melody modifies them to make it more manageable with comfortable pace. Also, the lesson focus a lot on breathing technique and poses that assist in having a smoother delivery. Hence, always felt relax after each lesson..”

Avy Tang

Prenatal Student

“I started taking pre-natal yoga class from Melody between my 2nd to 3rd trimester and the experience has been great! Melody is very patient and careful during the yoga classes, ensuring that I was comfortable with the poses but at the same time gently push me to do a bit more each time. Before every session she will asked about my well being and for any particular concerns to address. I felt totally relax and rejuvenated after every class. Her home offers a quiet & pleasant environment!”

Hui Lan

Prenatal Student

“Enjoyed every yoga session with Melody as she helps with my pains and aches I am facing during pregnancy, and it is proven useful especially for my aching back! She is also very accommodating to my timings, definitely recommended”

Li Ting

Prenatal Student

“She introduced me to Yoga. I visited her one times a week for 60 minute long private lessons. She is a wonderful teacher. She is challenging and accommodating, she encourages you to do your best for what your body needs, her experience and knowledge of the yoga practice she brings is amazing. After a few sessions, I felt I am more flexible. It is simply fantastic. I would recommend everyone to check out one of her classes, you won’t be disappointed!!.”


Yoga Therapy Student

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