Meridian Channel & Yoga

To promote better flow of energy through poses and meditative practice.

ln TCM, there are 12 main Meridian Channels in our body, similar to Nadi in Ayurveda. Meridian channel and nadi cant be seen through our eyes, yet, with the 5 elements, it gives provides our body with what is required to function well.

The best way of recuperation is through self healing without the use of any external means. This page is specially created to share on some tips clear some blockages in our Meridian Channel, through poses, self massage and meditative practice. Something that is simple and we can do it anywhere and whenever we are free.

Video together with short write up, plus with some simple practice is available for 10 Meridian Channels :

An online course will be coming up soon ! Contact us now to keep you updated once it is launched.  

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