Yoga Therapy

1 to 1 therapy session to address our physical and mental needs, bring our body back to good health.

Yoga Therapy can help us in ~

Physical Health
The lifestyle that we are having brings different kind of physical ailment to us, such as slip disc, backaches, frozen shoulder, wrist pain, stiff neck.
Through 1-1 Yoga therapy session, a gentle approach will be used to address the concern. With regular practise at home, the pain will be able to manage better or even help to resolve the issues.

Mental Health
While some issues are physical, there are others that are triggered by stress and emotion, such as Insomnia, Depression, IBS.
Through yoga therapy, it will help to address our mental health needs, through some breathing techniques, short meditative practice and some simple poses. It will let our mind and body be back to balance once again.

Holistic Healing Process
Yoga therapy gives a holistic healing approach to heal ourselves naturally. It let us have the chance to look at our physical and mental health together as one. Hence, it will assist to speed up the natural healing process that all of us have.

Taking Charge of Our Health
Instead of leaving it to the doctors, why not we take charge of our own health ? Our body has an amazing system that is always healing ourselves.
During Yoga Therapy, you will learn different techniques, and some information on the food in take, that will boost up the healing process within us.