About Yoga Place

A cozy place to relax and recharge for our body and mind. All lessons are catered for individual needs. 


Philosophy of the Yoga Space

This space is specially created to let everyone experience the benefits of Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda which have more than 5000 years of enriched history.

What is Yoga, TCM, and Ayurveda ?

Yoga – Union of mind, body and soul. It is done through self practices ( breathing, meditation, and poses ), following the philosophy from Yoga Sutra which reminds us to have a clear mind in everything we do. It is not a religion, but a belief and way of life.

TCM and Ayurveda – It is the natural therapy from China and India, emphasizes on balancing of energy within us, through herbs, acupressure / mama points, lifestyle and diet.

What will we learn during yoga lesson ?

We will learn benefits of simple poses, breathing and meditative techniques, together with some acupressure points and tips on diet & lifestyle. it will allow us to build strong immune system and holistic health within us



Small class size

Cater to individual needs

Selected Live Streaming Yoga lesson on demand available