Prenatal Yoga

Prepare mummy to be well before the child comes to this lovely world. 

Prenatal Yoga does wonder for mummy and baby ~

Connect with our child
The baby inside us can feel every breath that we take, every thought that we have, everything that we do. Yoga allow us to connect with our children better, giving the best that we can to them before the children come out to meet us.

Regulate Hormones 

During pregnancy,  there will be fluctuation of hormones, it will make us feel frustrated, irritated or even depressed easily. Yoga can let us stay calm and have more self awareness, our hormones could be much better regulated as well.

Building Strength

At times we may feel backaches more easily during pregnancy, or even some soreness at the pelvis area. Yoga will let us strengthen the core and pelvis muscle. It will well prepare us during and after giving birth

Smooth Delivery

The basic breathing technique used in yoga, ujjayi breathing, will be kept emphasizing throughout the lessons. It will let mummy  stay calm, hence have a much smoother and more relax giving birth process