Schedule & Fees

 All lessons are customized to individual needs


Currently the timeslot available is as follow:

Weekdays Evening and Weekends Morning 

For live streaming yoga, it will be at 6:30am-7am and 9pm – 9:30pm. 

Do contact us, and we will work it out for you.


Type of Yoga Classes Fees

Yoga for Beginner

Elderly Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga

$60 per lesson or $400 for 8 lessons.

You may invite a friend to join you, it will be $100 for two.

Mindfulness Practice $30 per lesson or $200 for 8 lessons
Kids Piano Yoga $50 per lesson
Yoga Therapy $90 per lesson or $650 for 8 lessons
Live Streaming Yoga $80 for 8 lessons

Except for Live Streaming Yoga, Mindfulness Practice, Kids Yoga with Piano, Yoga Therapy,

All the other classes will be $60 per lesson, or $400 per 8 lessons. You may invite another friend to join in with you at $50 per lesson per pax. 

Live Streaming Yoga, would need your commitment for 8 sessions, at $80. Hence each session will be $10.

Mindfulness Practice, will be $30 per session, or $200 for 8 sessions.

Kids Yoga with Piano will be $50 per session for beginner.

Yoga Therapy will be very specialized to target on particular condition. Lifestyle and diet advices will be given on top of the breathing technique, poses, and mindfulness technique. 1st consultation will be free, subsequently each session will be $90, or $650 for 8 sessions.

Do contact us to make the arrangement!