Live Streaming Yoga Lesson

Do it at anywhere of our comfort and convenience!

It is always ideal to attend yoga lesson at the studio. However, there are some timing that will be hard to come to the studio for lesson. Hence, we create this live streaming yoga space. 

It is specially created at 2 timing:

  • When we just wake up at 6:30am-7am
  • and before we sleep at 9pm – 9:30pm 

For the morning session, its tailored to wake our body up, refresh ourselves, to prepare a great day ahead of us. 

For the evening session, it’s to prepare us to have a great sleep. Insomnia and poor quality of sleep have been a common concern. Sleep is so important to restore our health and prepare for the next day. 

How to sign up ? 

Simply click on, to fill up the form !