Kids Piano Yoga Lesson

A fun and holistic way to improve concentration span, health and resilience.

Kids Piano Yoga is a fusion of Music (Piano, Singing Bowl mainly) and Yoga.

Yoga provides children a more holistic development in their growth, strengthen their immune system, allows them to have the tool to handle stress better, develop strength, confidence and balance in life.

While learning piano further enhances their focus, to have more self disciplined and resilience , increases motor control, listening and memory skills. 

Combining yoga and piano together with singing bowl, the benefits extend beyond the movement into the children daily lives. 

 As they grow, the children will be able to plan, coordinate better, have longer attention span, more self awareness, must importantly being able to strive a good balance in life. 

It is suitable for any children from the age of 4 years old. Do click on to sign up now.


Improve Immune system

Stretch intercostal where lymph nodes are

Develope Strength

Have Fun with Partner Pose