Postnatal Yoga

A space for mothers to have some time out, and enhance the recuperation process.

Postnatal Yoga does wonder to our body ~

Relax and Recharge

It is not easy for all mother after giving birth, all the time is given to the new born. Often we have forgotten about ourselves, finding it stressful and burnt out after some time.
Postnatal yoga provide us a space and time just for ourselves, to relax and recharge.
Having some self care allows us to take care of our children better.

Getting in Shape

Postnatal Yoga will introduce to us different poses that are essential to strengthen our core and pelvis muscle especially. You will be going back to shape better than ever before.

Pain Relieve
While we need to take care of the new born, frequent carrying, feeding the babies may bring some backache, wrist pain, shoulder stiffness etc. Through Postnatal Yoga, it will help to relieve the pain and strengthen up the muscle required. Let us have a more pleasant bonding time with our babies.

Discharge Pregnancy Hormones
During pregnancy,  there are different types of hormones generated in our body. Hence after giving birth, through Postnatal Yoga, it helps to dicharge the pregnancy hormones off more efficiently. Thus, our body will be able to recuperate better.