Kidney Meridian Channel

To promote better flow of energy through poses and meditative practice.

Kidney Meridian Channel is crucial because kidney to TCM serves as the original form of energy that we bring with birth (先天之本) . It interconnects with bladder meridian channel. Starting from the bottom of our feet up through the inner side of legs, to the upper body, diaphragm, gastric, lung and throat; with branches to heart, kidney, liver and bladder. 

 Our hearing, bone strength, teeth, urine and bowel motions are all in relates to the kidney meridian channel. Further, lung and kidney is related in TCM aspect. If the air we breath  (qi) cant be sent down to the kidney, it will affect kidney functions as well. 

 In the video, space (shoonya) mudra together with a hip opening and lengthening poses will be introduced to enhance the flow of energy within the channel.