Large Intestine Meridian Channel

To promote better flow of energy through poses and meditative practice.

Large Intestine Meridian Channel (Yang) links to Lung Meridian Channel (Yin).  Hence, the function is not just limited to removal of wastes from our body. There are cases that issues rises from blockages in Lung Meridian Channel, like Asthma, can be solved through Big Intestine Meridian Channel.

Further, as the large intestine meridian channel helps to remove off the toxic, our skins conditions will be improved as well ( being linked to lung meridian channel which governs our skin and pores).

It starts off from our 2nd finger, up to the arm, through the neck to the face, having another branch reaches back to the big intestine.

To enhance the qi flow, we can gently tap onto the meridian channel; starting off from the right for ladies and left for the man.  

In the video, a  short meditative practice with self massage will be demonstrated that can help to assist the flow in the large intestine meridian channel.