Triple Warmer Meridian Channel

To promote better flow of energy through poses and meditative practice.

Triple Warmer Meridian Channel governs the metabolism in our body. It burns off the old, produces energy and remove the waste away. Therefore, it is very important. It starts off from the 4th finger, makes its way up through the arm and back of the neck to the side of the ears and eyes.

Because of the location that it is passing through, it will also be able to help in our hearing and eye sight. At times when one get so angry that causes lost of hearing, we can massage the side of the ear where this meridian channel is at to remove off blockages. It can regain back the hearing.

To improve the eye sight, we also can massage on the last point of this meridian channel next to the eye to have a brighter vision.

In the video, prana mudra will be introduced to you, together with short meditative practice and self massage to assist the flow in the triple warmer meridian channel.