Satya , principle of truthfulness, is one of the 5 moral code of conduct (Yama), that we should observe and behave in life.

Sharing of two happening recently.

A student trying to cheat in a test. After being caught, he denied the action. He was moved to the other seat to start his test afresh. Later, he admitted his mistakes and apologized to the teacher for his dishonest act.

A girl stole her friend’s valuable when she was in the toilet. She returned to her later knowing the seriousness of it, but trying hard to cover it with stories after stories. Her friend decided to put a stop to the friendship at the end.

The incidents may seem to be immature act by the younger ones, but there are times that we do the same.

When a mistake is made, we want our ‘face’ so much that, finding all means to cover it up. Physically, it seems that we didnt lose anything when being undiscovered. But is it really so?

When we do it again and again, soon we lose the basic morale value of truthfulness. We are not being true to ourselves, neither are we true to others. Soon, we cant trust anyone including ourselves. The masks that we put on just get stuck on our faces and cant be removed.

So how true we are to others and to ourselves ?

Lets use some time to reflect within…