People always ask, why are you vegetarian ?

These days vegetarianism is more acceptable by the general public as compared to 10-20 years ago. There are more choices no matter which countries we are in. Vegan, and Plant Based Diet have become the trend for the western world.

So why vegetarian , vegan, or even plant based diet ?

There have been many scientific proves on how green diet can save the earth (reduce carbon foot print), save our health (reverse heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure etc) and have a better quality of life. On top of which, our body structure, physiology is purely for green diet.

And for this post, it will be touching on the non-violence aspect, Ahimsa.

Ahimsa means no killing, not to cause any pain to ourselves and others, be it physically, mentally or verbally. Violence brings anger, stress and all sort of negative energy

Hence when animals are slaughtered, it brings fear, hatred, anger and all the negative energy into them. As their fleshed transformed as meat and eaten by us, it will definitely bring all sort of negative energy within us.

Yet we may wonder, isn’t it the same when we harvest vegetables? Dont they feel sad and anger? There is energy within them surely. When we harvest them, they would have feeling too. However, the state of consciousness & intelligence within plant is very different from animals and human. Hence, by consuming plants, it will only give us mainly positive energy.

Further, each cell in all living things have memory. Our body will try to integrate everything we put inside our mouth. Animal being more complicated forms of creation as compared to plant, would be much harder to integrate within us; and we are integrating part of their memories and negative energy within us. Yet for Plants being the simplest form as compared to animals and human, our cell can easily overwrite it, and becomes what we wish it to become.

The basic of living is air, water and food. While we can choose the food that we can eat, why not choose something that is non-violence, and bring more positive energy towards ourselves and others?