Few months ago, I have read the book, Get Some Headspace, by Andy Puddicombe, and would like to share a little on it. The content is very down to earth, and it simplifies the approach of mindfulness to suit our day to day life. This book is suitable for anyone new to mindfulness and clear the misconception of meditation is purely seeking of happiness and chasing sadness away.

There are 4 conversations between the author and the monk that I love a lot, and will be sharing them in 4 articles.

This article will be on the road.

Imagine that you are blindfolded and sitting on the pavement next to busy traffic road.

You can only to hear, all sounds from the traffic, horn, vehicle driving by etc.

As the blindfold is removed, you see all the different cars, amaze with the types of cars, and your eyes keep chasing after the one that catches your attention. There are also other types of car that you dont bother about it. An old car drives by that reminds you of the good old days too.

Imagine you are running and chasing the cars on the road, panting, trying to see them for a longer period of time.

Instead, try to return to the side of the road, take a sit and just watch, where you can take a much nicer breather.

Our thoughts are likes car, it is always there.

Meditation brings awareness to see clearly, instead of chasing after it, we just watch.