In the book Headspace by Andy Puddicombe , one of the conversation between the author and the monk is on wild horse. And I like the analogy a lot.

Imagine that you are trying to grab hold of the wild horse, make it stay at a spot. Is it possible ? No, the horse is too strong, even with 10 people trying to hold it down, it will still be the same.

The wild horse has been running free, and not used to standing still for long or forced to stay in on position.

How about now, stand in a middle of a big field, hold on to the end of the rope that the horse is on. It is still running freely , because we are giving enough space for it to feel at ease. Gently shorten the length of the rope bit by bit. The horse does not notice any difference.

Our mind is like wild horse.

It cant be still suddenly. Give it space and time to settle, relax. There’s nothing to hurry about.

Allow the horse to come to a natural place of rest, that it is comfortable with. There may be struggling at first, loosen the rope slightly and repeat the process.

Meditation in this manner will make the mind be very happy and at ease

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