For the previous to posts, I have been sharing on the take away from the book, Man’s Search For Meaning, in relates to building strong resilience within us.

Yoga practice is crucial as part of our lifestyle because it can strengthen resilience.

So how ?

Lets start with breathing, pranayama. The breath regulation technique allows us to regulate our breath, how much we should inhale, and exhale. As we familiar to it, we add on to holding of breath, it trains us to be much more regulated. When it becomes habit, we are able to use our breath to anchor ourselves down. It is very useful when we are under stressful situation at work or at home.

While we are practicing the poses, we try to do it again and again. Each time as we are doing it, we may achieve a little more or we cant do as much as before. As we are holding on to poses, for few breath or even longer, we are trying to stretch a little more, to go deeper.

Isnt it what resilience all about ? Trying it again and again, dont give up, just keep trying.

As we are doing mindfulness practice / meditative pracitce, we are training to listening to our thoughts. It may be confusing to start off with, there are too many thoughts going in and out. When we pen them out, day after day, we may be able to figure out the root of some issues we are dealing with. As it becomes a habit, the practice is not purely about sitting still and closing our eyes. It becomes part of our lifestyle; we speak and do everything mindfully. Even when challenges come to our face, we know how to tackle them with a clear mind.

As we can see, yoga in all ways can push our resilience to the next level, but with frequent practice.

Lets start our daily practice now, be it breathing , mindfulness practice or poses. Start do something daily, soon you will feel the changes within you.