During the lockdown, I attended the Inner Engineering Course Online , by Sadhguru. I would say it is one of the best courses to improve ourselves holistically. 

In this and subsequent blogs, I will be sharing some of my learning from it. 

“When we accept this moment as what it is , there is no suffering, we are free from it.”

Acceptance is the key to everything. Something so simple, yet very hard to really achieve it. 

Couples quarrel, fight, mainly because unable to fully acceptance of each other. Just like for me, it takes me few years to accept my spouse as who he is, yet at time I will still be getting mad with him with tiny little actions. Even till now, I am still working in progress. 

Hence, I am still trapped in the “suffering” by myself, till the day I can do total acceptance, then I will be able to experience life.

Why should we experience life ? We may wonder. This analogy will explain.

~There are 2 young fishes swimming. A old fish swim by and ask, how’s the ocean ?

The 2 young fishes looking at each other and asked “what is ocean ?”~

Lets ponder a little before reading on to the next blog. Are we like the young fishes ?

if you would like to read in the book for Inner engineering, instead of going through the online course, you may click on to support him.


Just to take note that for the online course, there is NO ‘replay’ button. Once the course is done , you cannot view it again. Hence, one must pay 100% full attention while doing the course. Sadhguru also does not encourage you to take any notes as well. Though it is a really nice course, for those who would like to retrieve any information or notes from the course thereafter, you may wish to purchase the book instead, the content is pretty similar.