One of the topic in the online Inner Engineering course by Sadhguru is on Desire. It does give me another perspective into it. Hence would like to share it, hopefully will be useful for anyone reading this too !

We often hear people saying that desire is bad, it will bring suffering.

But without desire, we wont have any pushes to move, or do anything.

Then people will say, be detached. Detachment means to ‘dont care’ about it. In order to be alive, and live fully, we have to be deeply involved, experience and taste life. We cant do so through being detached.

“I dont want desire” is a form of desire as well.

For our body to function, cell to cell to act on each other, it requires desire too.

So what’s so bad about desire we may wonder . It is only when desire is not fulfilled, it will bring misery. We want life to happen in such way, but it didnt come true, we feel sad.

Desire itself is boundless, limitless.

Yet, myself, ego , is limited.

That is where the conflict comes in.

It may be pretty hard to digest the philosophy. Spend some time to ponder it over. It may make sense.

Someone has smirked at the idea of Buddhism that Desire brings suffering. Well, it is true only when we keep pursuing the desire compulsively. Else desire by itself has no evil meaning attached to it.

What’s your thought about it now ?