“You are not what you think you are” Sadhguru said, during on of the Inner Engineering online course sessions.

He asked us to list 3 situation when we are happy.

For me, it is 1~ when my loved ones are happy, 2~ when i feel free, 3~ during and after volunteering in prayer hall.

So he said, no matter how we list, there is similarity in it.

We are only happy when we get what we want.

Well, how true it is. I will feel sad when my loved ones are upset, or when i feel trapped, or when I miss too many chances of volunteering.

Hence, happiness is not about food, money, power etc at all.

Happiness does not happen because of this and that happen. At that moment when we can fully accept what we have at that particular moment, we will be happy.

So the key is full acceptance.

Fully accepting what is happening be it good or bad. Let our emotion flow, and allow it to happen. Then deal with the situation wisely to the best we can. We will be happy for all the time.

Hence in fact, whatever happens to us, when we are willing to response to it, it will be heaven, else it will become hell.

It requires lots of practice and reminder for ourselves to do it. It is where mindfulness and meditative practice takes place. During the practice, we are training ourselves to be fully aware. Once we are able to do it, and turning it to become a habit, we would be able to impart it into our daily life.

There are some free apps that we can use to incorporate short practice in our daily life, like insight timer, calm. Try them out, or come for the mindfulness session if you are in Singapore, you may also join in the live stream on demand session too.

In any way you choose, the key is to experience for ourselves.