“Nothing in existence repeat except for our mind.” Sadhguru said , during one of the lessons in the online Inner Engineering.

When we live without awareness, our mind keep repeats the same scene; just like a cassette player keep on looping even when it is broken.

We are bored because of that, stuck in the mind, with all the ideas that are of no use.

It is really true as I review what has happened to me before. The same scene will keep coming back, even when the eyes are closed, the sound still came in.

My mind got stuck in the past, together with the future that I imagined from it.

It is really tiring and depressing back then.

Only when I have more awareness of the presence, freshness comes to me, creation kicks in. And I start to let go of the past and the imagined future.

This process of being awareness is through mindfulness & yoga practice, reading of books, listening to sermons, as well as the content in the Inner Engineering course; bit by bit, transforming knowledge to life.

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