The choice by Dr Edith Eger is one of the must read books. I chanced upon it when I was reading the book, Man Search for Meaning. Both books were written by the survivor of Concentration Camp. I have written few blogs in regards to Man Search for Meaning, click on to view them if you have missed it.

I have indeed learnt many life lessons within, especially how luckily and blessed I am, born in a peaceful time and place. Yet I still face different emotional issues, unable to pick myself up at time, not being able to understand why things happen in such manner.
In this and the next few blogs, I will be sharing what I have learnt from the book, The Choice and Dr Edith Eger’s life values.

“When you cant go in through a door, go in through a window” the author’s mum told her always.
In situation we are trapped in a place, we need to get out, in order to survive, yet the door is completely sealed. We only left with window as the only opening to penetrate out.
However small the opening is, we need to think of means to squeeze out to survive.
It is so well said.

There have been many occasions that the path we used to take is blocked. Such as situation like COVID-19, it has caused many people lost their jobs or even their loved ones, their lifestyle and everything changed. They can no longer get by everyday in the usual way. Yet, if they were to stay as where they are, they will be stuck physically and mentally.
In face of challenging situation, seeing every window and opening as a mean for survival is indeed very important. However, one can only see things clearly when the mind is cleared. For some, their mind is always focus with clarity. While others, like myself, I really need to practice mindfulness to ground myself daily so that I could react well.
How about you?

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