“Survival is a matter of interdependence, that survival isn’t possible alone”
I often ponder, why the seniors I have met tend to relying their happiness on their grandson, children, or even what kind of meal to be prepared by the spouse. Why is there such an interdependence?
Then I read the book, the Choice, I realise the answer. Survival isn’t possible alone. There is no right or wrong way of life indeed.
While reflecting my life, the same goes to me. It is just a matter of how much we are dependent on others or things for survival.
When I feel pissed and upset, I wish to be a recluse in a forest. Yet, after reading this, I realise being a recluse may make me be even more depressed than ever in time to come.
For me, everyone in my life plays a part in my day to day survival. Counting little things just like a hug from my husband to give me the energy to move on, a message from my parents let me be more relieved that everything is fine. The high energy from my students push me up from my day to day boring tasks. And so on …
For you? What is your interdependence for survival ?

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