“If you are going to live, you have to stand for something.”
I have been wondering, what I should do to make each day meaningful till my last breath. Knowing that upon death, I cant bring anything away with me, why should I work so hard to acquire different things like money, power, status. Should I even be doing anything at all since everything will be nothing?
This sentence in the book, the Choice answered my questions.
I have to stand for something, cant just live for the sake of living and waste my time away. Yet, what should it be?
Living with no purpose, will be a lost sheep that I don’t like it. May it be a strong character that I always have together with Engineering training, to such an extent that even when I do nothing, there must be a reason behind it.
After days and nights, I finally find back the inner voice. Just keep doing what you have been doing, you are here to heal yourself and others.
Heal, is the answer that I have found. How am I going to do so, I have yet figured it out in details, it may slowly disclose itself in the blogs or in the courses of actions I take in the near future.
How about you ?

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