“Sometimes the worst moments in our lives, the moments that set us spinning with ugly desires, that threaten to unglue us with the sheer impossibility of the pain we must endure, are in fact the moments that bring us to understand our worth.”
Everything happens for a reason, I am a strong believer in it. One can call it karma or cause and effect.
There have been moment that I feel much like throwing myself out of the window, it is really through moment like this, that test me, make me realise who I really am, how good I am.
The process is painful at that particular moment. Yet, when I look back, I cant help but realise how much I have grown from it.
Just like what Dr Edith Eger, the author of the Choice , said it let us understand our worth. It becomes the bridge of awareness of how much we know within us.
Should we choose to pinning everything down, cursing and swearing years later, or to choose to use it as the catalyst for better self growth, flourish ourselves from there ?

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