Sun Salutation is always my favourite, especially when there is just no time that I can steal to practice.

The name may sound a little ‘religious’, however, it just means salutating to the sun, to receive and revive more energy within. All beings need sun to survive. In winter, some countries do not have the luxury of have much sun shine, one will feel depressed after some time. We can see how important the Sun is , so salutating to the Sun isnt that made or anything religious, shouldnt it.

Each move in sun salutation is specially tailored to pump our heart fast and slow, to enhance blood circulation, together with enhancing movement of the lymph. Doing it with breath regulation / pranayama will enhance it all together.

We may not have the flexibility to do a forward bend with palms touching the floor, its okay, we can modify it with bending the knees as much as we can to grasp on the mat to plank position. If we are not strong enough to start off with, we can move on to all four with cat cow stretch, instead of plank. There is also version to do it on the chair too !

Doing it a 3 rounds in the morning with deep inhalation and exhalation, will wake our body up and prepare us for work, indeed, with we can strive for 8 rounds it will be the best.

Need any help to modify sun salutation to suit your needs ? Just Contact us ! and try for yourself !