Th first chakra is at the base of our spine, it is like the root of the tree, closely connect with the earth. It is the first chakra receiving prana / qi from the outside world. Hence, we can balance the first chakra through breath. If imbalance, we will not be grounded, tend to make the same mistakes again, having bad habitual behavior rooted from the past, worrying too much on status, money, power and health/.

Some health issues that may come with imbalance of the earth element would be in relates to physical structures around that region; lower spine, rectum, colon. Symptoms like IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation may rise up.

Most of the time while at work, we are mostly seated, the flow of energy around that region would be restricted. Through yoga and with frequent practice, we can increase blood flow to the area, and balance the energy within.