The sixth chakra, the third eye chakra, ajna , encompasses the brain. It governs the pituitary gland, master gland for the whole endocrine system. It translate ideas and anything we have in the brain cortex into chemicals which determines mainly our metabolism, emotion and muscle reaction.

The sixth chakra allow us to see things from our soul, and make decision thereafter, than relying in our ego (the false self), it will happen when we have a strong foundation of the lower three chakras.

Pituitary gland serves as the link between our brain and body reactions, dysfunctioning of the sixth chakra can trigger metabolic issues, anxiety , depression etc as it is all link to the endocrine system. Memory disorder is one of them too.

Through inversion poses, simple ones like downward dog, legs up on the wall, or the more intermediate ones , head stand, increases blood flow to the head. It will enhances the function of pituitary gland. Meditative technique focusing on the third eye, will help too. At the same time, work on the lower three chakras, allow ourselves to build a strong base first, it will be easier to bring the sixth chakra to harmony.