The seventh chakra, the crown chakra, at the top of our head, the softest spot when we were infant. It has the ultimate say in our mind body and soul. When the crown chakra is opened, we can facilitate the healing through directing the cosmic energy into our body. It is hence the spiritual center. As one is able to do so, one will feel bliss, every effort becomes effortless, being free and fully alive.

Then, the 8th chakra will be energised, the aura. It is the energy force surrounds the body. The intensity of the aura can vary greatly. Those spiritual and vital people can have very strong and thick aura, while at times wen one become sick, the aura will become weak and thin. The aura is able to heal ourselves and also others, send positive healing energy.

While one may wish to empower the 7th and 8th chakra since it seems to be very spiritual and powerful. It can only be done when we are building it up bit by bit , layer by layer, starting from the lowest chakra. Just like a building it requires strong foundation, so that it wont fall when weather changes.

Meditative and mindfulness practices are essential, together with breathing techniques and poses, we would be able to strength all the chakra day by day.