Recently I have drawn this using some tutorial online, it turns out to be the reflection of my mind. Hence, decided to do a pretty short mindfulness practice on it.

As I close my eyes, the surrounding darken and everything seems to be falling to dead silence. Pondering where do I bring myself to this time round, it is the seabed. The ocean is so deep that, light simply cant really penerate through, it takes a while for the eyes to get used to it. There , I see the seaweed dancing around gracefully, coral settling nicely onto the rock. Whales and fishes swimming around. How tranquil and wonderful it is . Enjoying every moment as I breath.

Bring the awareness back slowly as and when you want to end the practice.

Observe what you have noticed, you may draw or write it out.

Tranquility indeed is what I wish for. Yet, the seaweed and plants dancing all around also shows how busy my mind is. I would say it is impossible to complete still our mind by not doing anything. On the other hands, it is the messiness that we are going through help us to be closer to the state of tranquility. How ironic it is.