My legs feel tired easily when there is quite a lot of compression onto the lower back (on days that I am lazy to do my routine stretch). Besides doing some gentle back bend, and putting my legs up to the wall to release the tension on the back and feet, there is another convenient way.

That is back to the nature!

Take a walk bare foot onto the grass land.

Walking barefoot is not something that I am used to, even at home, I am always wearing slippers to prevent to coolness from the floor to the feet (in TCM point of view). What’s more about stepping barefoot onto the grass !

The first step I took was few years ago, not too get used to it at first.

However, the more I try, the more comfortable it is now. It is the softest and most natural carpet in the world. Our feet feel much more relaxed, all the tiredness seems to be gone, and recharges & refreshes our body and mind.

It is best to be done in the morning before 9am to me, when the morning dew is still there, together with the warmth and shine from the morning sun, it is just perfect for the whole healing process.

Oh dear, the mud and insects , we may worry about. Trust our instinct, we will step into places that is safe for us and not intrusion of any insects’ home. And we can clean the mud / soil away.

This process allows us to be back to nature, and stepping out of our comfort zone (for most of us who have not done it before).

Another term for it is called, grounding, a therapeutic technique to reconnect to the earth. Try it for yourself and see how it goes !