Getting to know that there is a little within us, it is the most exciting & happiest moment ever. It’s like finally , for me ! It’s truly a blessing miracle, especially the age of 40. Yoga has helped me a lot throughout this journey. And in this and subsequent blogs, will share on what we can do to keep our body and mind healthy while staying safe in the pregnancy journey.

First trimester is the most important & ’scared‘ part. Many will experience nausea, energy low, no appetite, feel bloated and for me, top of all those (except for nausea) ,diarrhoea as a results of the progesterone hormone pill. Further, a lot of movement or things that I used to do, even for plank, are cut off, worry that it may affect the stability of the little one within.

It may seem that nothing can be done besides rest. Yet, the anxiety, worries and physical discomfort are too much to just shuffle it a side.

At this point in time, I have done lots of pranayama (breathing technique) , mudra (hand gesture) and mindfulness practice. It really helps tons.

Alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana) helps to balance our hormones. As I was then still charting the basal temperature, the easiest way to monitor the progesteron level, it comes as a very good indicator. One the days I do alternate nostril breathing diligently for 10-15 minutes, it will help to push the temperature back up (the progesteron will be up as well), there will not be any brown discharge, I will feel better physically too. However, for whatever reason, I didn’t do it, the basal temperature would drop and I could feel the effects.

Pushan Mudra is really good for bloated stomach and gastric. But, it needs time to see the effects, so hold onto this gestures for some time, for as many times as possible throughout the day, will have improvement in the symptoms.

Mindfulness practice can be in any forms, it can be doing things that we like. But for time that I felt too bad, just didn’t wish to do anything, I would just focus on my breath. Or use guided mindfulness practice from apps like Insight Timer, will be of great help too.