With much worries and anxiety, 1st trimester had passed!

With all the blood tests and scan carried out, I stepped into the 2nd trimester. A time when I felt more assured and comfortable.

Prenatal yoga could be started once Gynaecologist gave the clearance.

Usually my day started off with pranayama, sun salutation, and took a walk to the park , to be with nature.

As we progress through the pregnancy, our baby grows, there is lesser space for our organs, they are all being squeezed. Breathing exercise and poses become very essential to give our organs space to function well.

Intercostal stretch to create space for our lung, so that we can breath better.

Lengthen & Twist to give space for our digestive system, to help our pancreas, kidney , liver , spleen to function better, let them have space to take a “little breather”.

Balancing poses to strengthen our muscle to better support our body, also to allow us to focus, to find a balance in our busy mind.

Core and pelvis strengthening is very important be it natural or cesarean birth, it helps to prevent diastasis recti, manage backache, and assist in the postnatal recovery process.

Pranayama practice let us breath better, be with the moment, as we are able to breath in & absorb more Oxygen, our physical & mental health will be better.

Mindfulness practice is essential to bring our awareness back to ourselves, to empower us to work on what we need , our baby within us benefits the most through it.

All the prenatal yoga practice is modified to suit individual needs , no pregnancy is the same, hence, do approach certified prenatal yoga teacher or contact us to see what we can do to enhance the pregnancy journey