Headspace by Andy Puddicombe.

The book is very well written, simple to understand and practical.

Today I will share on what we can do with emotions, another conversation between the author and the monk.

We are very attracted to what we like and become attached to it. Yet, the more we chase after it, the further it will appear to be. When we are trying to hold on to pleasant feeling, we become very fearful to lose them.

While for unpleasant feelings, we try so hard to get rid of them. And we face resistance, there is no room for acceptance, hence no peace in mind.

Happiness and sadness comes and goes. Both are the same.

What we can do is to give up desire to always experience pleasant things and give up the fear of experiencing unpleasant things. Only then the mind will be quiet and we will become more aware.

When we feel pleasant, share these feelings with others.

When we feel discomfort, imagine that this discomfort is from people you care most, you are sitting with their discomfort, so they dont have to go through it.

In this manner, any feelings that come will not bother us too much.


This is a very handy book, if you would like to support the author, you may click on to purchase it.