Often we hear that high metabolic rate is good, ideal for weight loss, and we are not aging that fast. If we were to google search a bit, we can see recommendation like taking pills, protein powder, energy drinks, to boost up the metabolic rate.

But is it really so ?

Metabolism is the process of converting what we have in our body from our daily intake of food, drinks into energy.

Hence, metabolic rate means how fast our energy is being consumed, the rate of energy expenditure.

What will happen when we forcefully boost up our metabolic rate by means of pills, high intake of protein etc, and there is nothing for it to convert ? It will move into the organs, converting the organ fats etc instead. In long term, the organ will degenerate. Harmful to our health indeed.

Having high metabolism rate does not correlate to better weight loss, or anti-aging effect.

Each of our body is different, due to different energy intake. Most importantly is to strive a balance of energy intake and expenditure.

What can yoga do ?

With frequent practice of yoga, one can experience better metabolic efficiency. We may not require to eat too much to get the energy we need, and the energy expenditure rate slow down.

How would it be possible?

For example, at first, when we are doing a pose, we may find difficulties in doing it , challenges, we heart beat raises, and we use more energy for it. However, as time goes by, we get better with it or doing it with a little more with ease, it creates memory in our cell, automatically, our body knows how to react to it, and our heart does not require to pump as much. Hence, energy expenditure reduces. Together with pranayama and meditative practice, it works wonder for our health.

With frequent practice , yoga can let us have lower metabolic rate, better metabolic efficiency. Why not give it a try to feel the effect ?